Building Zumo – Part II


One of my ideas for the new sumo bot is to mount a perfboard as a platform for various devices and circuits. The goal for the bot is to make it in to an autonomous maze-solver/space-mapper. Not sure if it is practical to use a bot that is designed for robotic sumo for this task, but right now I’m hopeful.

So tonight I got a chance to work out the perfboard part and I’m quite pleased with the results.

One requirement I had was being able to mount a servo on the front so I can sweep a collision detection sensor like I have with the WallBot.

A little dremel action, a few nuts and bolts and… viola!



Having the servo go on so easily I had to get the sensor attached too.

One thing that has annoyed me about the sonic sensors is the orientation of their header pins. I decided to desoldering the pins and re-orient them correctly.





And After:



Looks much better.  No wires sticking out the top anymore.

This was my first time desoldering something and thankfully it went off without too much hassle.

The next part was mounting the board to the Zumo shield.

After playing around with various options I settled on using two sets of stackable female headers:


The first set are used as spacers between the shield headers and the perfboard:


They give just enough clearance from the Arduino:


[Though I did have to trim the header pins a little to get them to sit down fully on the shield headers.]

After that I used the second set, as they would normally be used,  to secure the perfboard to the bot and provide pin access:



Eventually I might solder them permanently on to the perfboard, once I work exactly how everything works.

And the finished result (for now):




I’m liking how it’s coming together. Still haven’t coded or tested any of the build so hopefully there are no gapping holes in my plans. I know the sumo shield uses up a lot of the Arduino’s pins and I might have problems getting everything I want onto the platform.

Still, for now I can imagine it’s all going to be great 🙂

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