Saund-Box: It’s Alive!

Finally have the synth project built and working. You can read about all the gory details on the Saund-Box Project page.

To summarize: This was a build of Ray Wilson’s MFOS: DIY Experimenter Board Synth, with the Micro Sample & Hold module and some of my own customizations.

This is what the final front panel looks like:

Saund-Box Finished Panel

And behind that the guts of it all:

Finished Wiring

Quite a demanding project and not for the faint of heart or the impatient. However, I had a great time with it and learnt a lot in the process. Looking forward to more synth related projects.

This has also helped greatly with my ability to take on more challenging robotics builds. Creating custom circuits doesn’t seem so daunting anymore… and my solder skills are way way up.

All that is left now is to build the enclosure for the synth, which is actually part way complete.

I did the design for the case in SketchUp (my new best friend). It’s great for figuring out how to make everything fit together correctly.

You can see how the speaker, power supply and panel are laid out, and the plexiglass base:

SB Cabinet - ISO II

I wanted to get the case to be as small as possible (with a 30 ° inclined panel, that is).

There is also a back panel for adding power jacks and other possible input/outputs:

SB Cabinet - Back Panel

And a lid that adds some protection and storage for patch cords and the wall-wart needed to power it all:

SB Cabinet - With Lid

Simple but effective.

In the meantime a makeshift box will have to do:

Saund-Box Temp Case

Totally recommend checking out all of Ray’s projects on his stellar Music From Outer Space website.

Off to make nosies now….


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