The Journal

This journal is about my return to tinkering with robotics and all things electronic. It is mainly meant for my own benefit – so that I can keep some discipline in my efforts, track what I have done and help retain what I’ve learnt – but it might also be of interest to others who, like myself, are  curious about such things.

I also find that one of the best ways for me to truly learn something is when I try to explain it to others.


By profession I am a software engineer, though over the years I’ve worked with hardware too varying degrees.

I’ve always been interested in robotics. Back in… (a log time ago)… I purchased one of the earliest versions of the Lego Mindstorms sets, which I still have.

However, my attempts at robotics never progressed very far. I’m more hopeful this time around. It seems there are a lot more resources readily available to the average hobbyist. Looking forward to the possibilities.


I maintain a GitHub account for all the code related portions of my projects: https://github.com/solderspot

Facebook Page

I use a Facebook Page for this journal too: http://facebook.com/solderspot. The page is experimental at present but I’m hoping it’s useful for posting/sharing miscellaneous robotics information without worrying about spamming the journal.