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Saund-Box: Completed

Some photos of the completed synth project.


Saund-Box: It’s Alive!

Yay, got the synth project working!

Synth Project: Pre-Testing the Circuits

Ended up pre-testing all the synth modules on a breadboard prior to building on the PCB.

Synth Project: VCF Demo

Quick video of the VCF in action.

Synth Project: Creating Front Panel Layout and Wiring Plan

How I created the layout and artwork for the synth’s panel front, as well as a wiring diagram for the components on the back, using Inkscape – a free 2D vector drawing package.

Synth Project: Overview

A brief post to give an idea of my plans for building the Music From Outer Space Experimenter Board.

PARTS Challenge – Put Blue Block on Red Disc

While visiting the mini maker faire last month at OMSI, I discovered a local robotics club called PARTS (Portland Area Robotics Society) and managed to attend their most recent meeting – which are all held on the first Saturday of each month. It was perfect timing too, for two reasons: First, the meeting dealt with […]

Black is the New NavBot

Created a new bot better suited for dead reckoning navigation. And the results?

Building Zumo – Part IV

Finally completed the Zumo build, code and all. It was way more work than I bargained for.

Ended up adding a second microprocessor (The Trinket) to handle sensor and servo functions, implemented an I2C slave and wrangled new interrupt-driven servo code.

Building Zumo – Part III

Completed the Zumo hardware side and got the encoders working but then hit a road block trying to get the motors to turn…