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Wheel Encoders For WallBot

Adding wheel encoders to WallBot ended up being more work than I thought. I ended up writing all the code from scratch but it meant I learnt a lot about encoders and timer interrupts on the microcontroller.


Tamiya Track Chassis + Gear Box Build

While searching for a chassis for my two-wheeled bot I came across an inexpensive track chassis from Tamiya.


I was hoping to add an accelerometer to Wallie to help detect collisions with obstacles. Alas it’s not to be. I had purchased a breakout board for the MMA8452Q accelerometer from sparkfun. It was on clearance at the time so I bought it on a whim. Luckily it’s one of the more sensitive accelerometers (2g) […]

Pololu Chassis + Motors

The start of my two-wheeled robot project: Building the chassis from Pololu.