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Building Zumo – Encoder Redux and Bluetooth

Discovered there was an alternate and simpler solution than using Trinket.

Also received a bluetooth module and put it to use.


Wildlife UAV Challenge

While attending the PDXElectroHax meet up I was told about a project that was getting underway to do with building a UAV to help protect rhinos in South Africa from poachers.

There was going to be a kind of kick-off meeting on Saturday and would I be interested in attending it?

PDXElectroHax Meet Up

I came across a group called “PDXElectroHax” on They meet only once a month, however the upcoming meeting was the next day, so I decided to attend. It’s a relatively new group – only started about three months ago. The meet up was at an very interesting place: a “maker space” called ADX where […]

Trial by Fire Sumobots

Two recent events: 1) Managed to burn out a potentiometer while trying to check the current draw on a DC motor. Got a plume of smoke. 2) Managed to leave the soldering iron on for 24 hours. Doh! The tip was toast. Thankfully I have a spare. Need to buy more I guess. Hopefully there […]

Pleasant Surprise

Was at the airport magazine stand today looking for something to read on the flight, hoping against hope that there might be something electronics related….and there was! You could have blown me over with a feather. Score! This is the first Make magazine I’ve purchased. It had a great history and comparison of all the […]

The Original Project

Many years ago I bought a simple robot construction kit from Robix called “Rascal”, though when I bought it it was called “RCS-6”. I never got around to using it to any significant degree and that always irked me. The kit was not cheap. This Holidays I was looking for some kind of fun project to […]

Trickle-In Effect

As I am starting again from scratch, I’ve been shopping around on the internet for equipment and components.  I had a book I impulse bought, called “Make: Electronics” by Charles Platt, that helped me compile a list of things I need. A surprisingly long list it turns out. A lot of the items I could […]

Charging the Flux Capacitor

I’ve decided to get back into electronics again as a hobby… Unfortunately there’s not a lot of free time… and what little there is will be sporadic at best. Still, I’d like to make good head-way with the endeavour. I’d hope that by keeping this journal it will help focus my mind, as well as […]