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Cross Compiling for Raspberry Pi – Part II

My attempt to cross compile a more complicated Raspberry Pi application, that uses the native OpenCV and the PiCamera libraries on the target system.


Synth Project: Creating Front Panel Layout and Wiring Plan

How I created the layout and artwork for the synth’s panel front, as well as a wiring diagram for the components on the back, using Inkscape – a free 2D vector drawing package.

Cross Compiling For Raspberry Pi – Part I

Developing code natively on the Raspberry Pi is not ideal for larger projects so I decided to explore cross compilation to attain better productivity. This post describes how I set up cross compilation using Ubuntu via Parallels 10 on OS X.

Using OpenCV for Simple Object Detection

As part of the Blue Block Challenge I’m using the OpenCV library to detect and track objects based on their color only. In the process I created an Mac application to help develop the algorithms.

NavBot – Initial Software Design

Now that the WallBot has functioning wheel encoders I’m eager to evolve it from a simple wall-avoiding robot to one that can autonomously navigate its environment.

First I need to design how the software will work.


Servorator is an open source Arduino library, providing sophisticated speed control for servos, that I wrote for my Robix arm project in order to creating smoother movements.