Here are some of the software packages I use. I mainly develop on the Mac but also use Ubuntu and, if need be, Windows.



Just started using this for 3D modeling. Using the free version. Will add more as I get to know it better. So far I find the interface and the controls work well.

There are 4 great beginner videos here:



2D Vector editing app. Not a huge fan but need to explore its features some more. Doesn’t integrate well into the Mac envirnoment either.

Have used this to create panel front art for analog synth project as well as wiring diagrams.



Simple raster based editor, Mac only.

Not really for robotics but I use it to create images for the journal.



Use this to run Ubuntu and other operating systems on the Mac. A lot of open source code is Ubuntu based so this makes life much simpler than trying to get things compiling and running on OSX. It also helps keep my Mac cleaner too.



I just love Mou. It’s a markdown editor and it’s the best. Mac only.



I use Git source control management mainly because I already use it for work and it is used in a lot of open source projects. It certainly has its quirks but for 99% percent of the time it is very simple to use.

I don’t use any GUI based client apps. I find the command line is fine for me.



My other hobby is photography where I use Lightroom to manage and process photos. Same goes for the photos taken for robotics and posted on the journal.



Text editor I’ve been using since 1995, mainly because it had Brief keyboard emulation – as before that I used the B.R.I.E.F text editor – which was the bee’s knees back then.



I tolerate iMovie as it is free, already on my Mac and I don’t need to do any sophisticated editing. Still, can’t say I like it.


Comments welcome

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