WallBot Project

My first excursion in to mobile robotics. Did the typical “avoid walls” bot.  All the code for this project is up on GitHub.

Version 1


Initial build with sonic sensor to detect walls.

The Components:

The Build: Version 1

The Code: Version 1 Code

The Video:

Version 2


Put sensor on front mounted servo.

The Components:

The Build:  Version 2 Build

The Code: Version 2 Code

The Video:

Version 3


Added wheel encoders, new motor controller and PID control for traveling in straight lines.

The Components:

The Build: Version 3 Build

Other: Adding encodersPID Control for straight lines and Testing traction issues.

The Code: Version 3 Code

The Video:

Version 4 + 5


I moved over to  new chassis. The Pololu Zumo.

The Components:

The Build:

Other: PID Tuning

The Code: Version 4 & Version 5

The Video:



  1. Hi Sir,
    I wish to built the same wall bot as your Version 2. But I could not find the 2 header files below.
    #include <SS_Servorator.h>
    #include <SS_ServoTrim.h>

    Can you kindly assist me on these.?


  2. Hi Sir, me the clueless,

    I have basically built everything as your wallbot ver2 except i do not have the Adafruit motor controller shield Ver2.
    I am using the older ver1 of motor controller shield.
    I tried my best to rewrite the motor command base on AFMotor.h library. But the motor having trouble turning when it detect obstacle.

    1. The code looks fine. What is the problem you are seeing? I can only guess that the motors might be wired incorrectly.

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